Thursday, 26 May 2016

Training is important BUT recovery is more importnaterer!

If I have learnt ANYTHING with age about my training its that I simply cant do as much intense training as I used to. All jokes aside I have truly learnt the benefits of structured rest & recovery as part of a given training plan and that ultimately its equally (if not more) important to rest / recover / rebuild and repair.

Alina was thrilled!

In the run up to this event I have been having weekly massages with the awesome massage therapist Alina Archer and I really cannot recommend her enough. Alinas massages have really helped with my recovery and therefor allowed me to keep up the intensity of training that I used to when I was young and fit! 
If you are looking for a Berkhamsted based sports massage then please do get in touch with Alina. Her massages really are first rate and shes a bloody lovley lady too.  She isnt just a sports therapist and does all kinds of girly stuff too!

Alina Archer - 07885 494579
There are so many people to thank for helping to pave the road to the world championships  BUT Alina is one of those who I just cannot go without giving a special mention!

Get in touch with Alina Today!
Alina Archer - 07885 494579

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