Friday, 27 May 2016

my first Cub 10 mile TT (and how NOT to do it)

Last night I took part in first 10 mile Time Trial after a disappointing attempt at my first last week, sadly I arrived all excited to find the road closed and the event cancelled. Fortunately its right on the doorstep but due to my outrageous work like balance it never seems to work for me.

Despite doing everything in preparation for an event that you SHOULD NOT do I thoroughly enjoyed it and put in a reasonable performance coming in 15th Overall and possibly top five for road bikes! Not too shabby.
HHCC Club 10 (15th overall)
Hemel 10 stats
As I said for yesterdays TT my prep was not what you would call 'orthodox' but I had already intended to simply consider it a training right for next Sundays Duathlon and as I hadn't done one before I had no time to gauge by so its a guaranteed PB. Win Win!

0545 UP Ivanhoe Beacon (BLISS)
I started my day off yesterday with an easy brick session leaving home at 0530 for a 30Km loop across Ashridge and up Ivanhoe Beacon. I dont often stop (at all) for photos but the views were sublime so it had to be done. The 5K run off the bike wasn't too hard as i wanted to save a little for the TT in the evening.

Brick session stats
Not being content with the brick session in the morning in the legs I decided to go to see Alina for a sports massage and for those that know really you shouldn't be doing any activity after but the TT was calling. I hate to make excuses and hate to say 'BUT' however my legs didn't quite seem as efficient as they should be for some reason!

It's been a great month of training and I've been fortunate enough to squeeze in so much training around work and play but i have to thank Sinead and Andrew 'GIBLET' Ibbott for his support in every way possible! I really couldn't do it without the 1st rate support.
What a lead in month!

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