Monday, 30 May 2016

thanks thanks and thanks again!

I would like to post here to thank the many many people that have helped to make this dream become a reality and whilst technically it’s still a long way off all the hard training, planning and prep is done and hopefully I can now focus on the taper and the event itself.
There are countless people I would like to thank for their part in the process. There are people that have inspired, advised, comforted, stretched, massaged, offered training advice, given diet advice been training partners, coached, mentally supported, given mechanical support, technical support and last but by certainly no means least financial support. Sadly triathlon / duathlon is an expensive sport and without that it just wouldn’t have happened.
My story (like many others out there) is the kind I would like to read about, a real feel good story filled with highs, lows, sacrifices but ultimately a happy ending. At school I was never sporting and was pretty much the smallest kid in class for what seems like forever.
As a young man I never imagined for one second that I would lead the active life I live now and most certainly never even dreamed of representing my country at the world championships. Most certainly not at the Age of 40. I may not be competing at the Olympics in Rio but it most certainly feels like that to me and putting on the GBR kit simply fills me with pride and I know the feeling is mutual for those who surround me! I only wish my grandparents were here to see it.
When you’re younger you just don’t see it so being a mature age group triathlete I have often had time in training to reflect on things.
Why do I have the tenacity required to reach to the top?
I have realised (and have them to thank) that I have my mother’s tenacity and my dad’s perseverance and seem to apply this in everything I do but most importantly I have the endless love and support of a good woman in my fiancée Sinead. Most men don’t want to admit it but there really is a good woman behind every good man!
This time next week the event will be over but CERTAINLY not forgotten. From there it will be onwards and upwards to the European Championship qualifiers and an Ironman to train for.
Thanks once again to those of you who have been a part of this journey no matter how big or small ‘were all cogs in the wheel’.
The final countdown

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