Thursday, 2 June 2016

So close but yet so far!

So we're here.  Well we are 'here' but not quite there yet as we're currently sat on the Tarmac at stanstead due to textbook French air traffic control strikes.

Anyone that's been on holiday and has been delayed knows the pain only too well. Fortunately there are 40 team GB athletes on the plane so I don't feel like I'm going to miss anything. The Mrs is asleep but I'm like an excited or anxious kid waiting for his first day at big school to begin.

All the training I can do is done, the bike is as prepared as it can be (although I do have to put it back together at the other side) and the bags are packed. The race face just needs to go on and were good to go!

I don't think anything too exciting or energetic will be happening today as it was a 01:45 start which is rather annoying as the delay will be longer than the flight itself.

Fingers crossed I'll have time to update once we arrive in  Aviles.

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