Thursday, 26 May 2016

The countdown continues!

With this week being the final 'big' week of training ahead of the Championships I'm praying for the weather to stay dry and to allow me to keep up the consistency.

There is nothing that makes an athlete feel more pro than training like one, believe it or not i feel my best when i get to train twice a day and during the run up I have managed to do that or many more occasions than normal. It's been a great week so far with a decent speed session in the bag from D&T Road Runners on Tuesday a recovery ride yesterday and a brick session this morning ahead of tonights Hemel Hempstead Cycling Club 10 mile TT.

Tuesdays session was a tough speed session in pyramid format which consisted of 2 mins hard (5k pace = 6:00 mile) followed by 2 minutes recovery (easy pace 7:30 mile) going up by a minute each rep (to 5 minutes) and then back down to two minutes. The idea is to keep consistent with the pace!

51% moderate pace
consistent stats
Looking at the stats above taken from Strava and my Garmin heart rate monitor i think its safe to say the pace was consistent. These sessions generally are pretty hardcore and previously took me a while to recover from so last night just consisted of an easy ride over to Luton where sadly my tyre blew out and ended my ride!

This morning fortunately the weather was a little more forgiving and the bike didn't let me down either and i left the house at a little before 0530 for  brick session consisting of 30Km bike and 5K run at a moderate pace. It's always hard to go off hard at 0530 but fortunately im doing the Hemel 10 Mile Time Trial this evening so i wanted to save a bit in the tank for that! 

Absolute bliss up the Beacon at 0545
 Finally my GBR kit is ready to rock and roll with all the sponsors logos despite a considerable amount of trial and error on both my part and blade printings. Keep an eye out for me next week in the kit as i will be doing my tapering in it to get used to the fit and avoid any discomfort during the event! Lesson 1 to anyone just starting out NEVER race in any new kit. Always compete in kit you know and trust.

Thanks to Love Luton / Tiro Partners & SB Digital Media
Special thanks to my employers Berkhamsted School

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