Wednesday, 25 May 2016

40 not out

With 10 days to go I'm starting to feel very anxcious about the event and all the natural thoughts are running through my mind. All the biggest and best sporting greats have oozed self confidence but I'm certain at one stage or another questioned their abilities, especially when your doing hill reps on your own at 0515 in the morning.

They say a true winner or champion will overcome the odds and adapt to any given situation to take that win. Obviously being a 40-44 age grouper I often question my age when competing and my ability to do so, im certainly not as young as i used to be!

This Saturday my good friend and fellow HRABC coach & committee member #specialk Kay Prosper was fighting in his 9th Professioanl contest and on the David Haye undercard at the o2 no less. Obviously Kay took the win but it was his situation that made him all the more inspirational than ever. Kay really is the home grown champion in every sense of the word and is an endless inspiration to EVERYONE at

Kay was messed about with timings, no doubt due to the logistics and scale of the show at one stage not knowing if he was fighting at all and then being shifted around in time. to quote kay himself:

Adapt and overcome! Challenges are sent to test us, but we prevail!

I really couldn't have put it better myself. This show was particularly poignant as also fighting on the show was Shannon the Cannon Briggs who at 44 says "I'm in the shape of my life, lets go champ".....

Adapt and overcome! Challenges are sent to test us, but we prevail.!
I am now running into the final week of training before a week of tapering and prepping. #letsgochamp Thanks to every one of you that have offered me words of advice and support! You have been the extra push i've needed during the prep.


As months go this month really has been a good one, managing to squeeze in decent amounts of training around a hectic work schedule and a much family time as i can grab. I've enjoyed the training camp and its all eyes on the prize now! The countdown continues!

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