Saturday, 21 May 2016

T Minus Two Weeks

With 2 weeks 12 hours and 52minutes to go until race day (not that I'm counting) things are really starting to hot up now. I have one week of raining left and then one final week during which I shall just be tapering off and 'revving the engne' before the off.

Touch wood as i go into my final week I have managed to stay injury free and things have gone according to plan, despite my di2 battery going flat on my maiden voyage since having it installed. Each week seems to bring new hurdles, new deliveries and new achievements and that for me is one of the things that makes this process all the more special as every little cog in the wheel turns and fits nicely into place.

Aviles Duathlon - Restaurant
Over the years I have raced here and there (although only in triathlon for the last couple of years) and to be fair in some pretty grotty venues but tonight whilst at work I spent some time looking at the iphone app and at the event website and ive found a new level of excitement. The image above shows the restaurant that over looks the start / finish line in the event village.

What a backdrop?
The race albeit rather short (sprint distance 5k run / 20k bike / 2.5k run) takes in some beautiful scenery through and round the  and whilst this adds to the pressure being a suitably professional venue for me it makes it all the more of a once in a lifetime experience.

I have to say a HUGE thanks to LOVELO CYCLE WORKS (BERKHAMSTED) for their endless skills, support and patience in not just getting my bike race ready but in putting up with my relentless hounding and badgering. IS IT IN YET? IS IT IN YET? IS IT IN YET? IS IT IN YET? For those that have wondered about the duration of a di2 battery on 20% of the first charge it wont make a 55 mile hard ride.

Lesson 1 = Charge battery

Riders Read / Pedals Ready

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