Wednesday, 18 May 2016


 As they say "the countdown continues" with 17 days to go things are really starting to GET REAL. Many people have asked me along the way 'do you feel nervous', 'are you worried' etc etc and the honest answer is that its just another race but with huge amounts of logistics and rulings sitting in the way I'm a little 'apprehensive'.

The concept of shipping my bike across Europe and hoping to open my bike bag and find it in one piece is stressing me out slightly but the race itself is not so. Yes i'll be competing against the fastest age groupers in the world but it will be what it will be.

Tick Tick Tick Tick BOOOM!

Like many triathletes, athletes, racers or competitors I am a little OCD and to be honest when it comes to events like these I actually think it helps a little. ANY professional sportsman would tell you that they have a very specific routine or ritual when it comes to events or competition and perhaps even during training. 

My preparation for any race is fairly meticulous but this one has been unique as the fear of the unknown is whats unnerved me most. My preparation has been pretty good but there has been new kit to implement, work to be done to my bike and a whole new level of training due to the nature of the event. 

I received my proof for my sponsor printed kit and have to say im stoked and cant wait to get it on. Extra special shout out and thanks to my sponsors for all your support. 


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