Thursday, 12 May 2016

If carsberg did weeks this would be an alchohol free one )-:

As weeks go this hasn't been the best what with the weather, the work and the workout schedule but more importantly a lot of discomfort due to a niggling injury in the form of a popped rib.

What on earth is a 'popped rib' I hear you cry? A popped rib is where one (or more if your unlucky) of your ribs comes out of place / alignment with your vertebrae and / or sternum cause a vast amount of discomfort in both the front and rear of the chest. Seeing as i rode almost 300 miles last week and spent a little under 14 hours in the saddle this could not have helped matters at all, especially whilst cycling in the 'aero tuck' position and desperately seeking the aero flat back.

Those that know me know I detest 'indoor cycling' in the form of the turbo (apart fro the non stop 8 hours i did for sport relief) but with a production in the theatre this week its meant a lot of lonnnggggg days and not much daylight so last night I hit a little bit of high cadence turbo training.

I always said that i would never ride in a 'sperm' TT helmet so i'm delighted in some ways that the ITU have made the world championships draft legal and therefore ruling those lids out as i hate making a hypocrite out of myself. All jokes aside I had medical reasons for buying this bit of new kit as with a benign lipoma on the back of my head the Kask Mojito was never as comfortable as it should have been.

All the cyclists out there know that we never need an excuse to justify new kit and a few grams of weight saving or a few extra watts of gains BUT it's always welcomed when we have one, even if it is as a result of an unwelcome cist.

As I have said in previous posts as a 'multi sport athlete' with a child, working life and residing in the UK you have to learn to roll with the punches and accept the ups and downs that come with the fluctuations in work, weather and wellbeing!


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