Thursday, 5 May 2016

30 days and 30 nights.

With thirty days and thirty nights to go until the world championships I have in some respects been starting to feel a little anxious about what lies ahead. I generally take every event in my stride but this platform and all the logistics make it all the more intimidating. 

The reality and scale of the event bit down hard when i was sent a link to the competitors list ant when looking at the names in my age group which featured fellow GBR athletes as well as AUS, IRL, USA, BEL, CAN, MEX and obviously SPAIN (as the host nation). Its safe to say the bar has risen as fat dave from Milton Keynes isn't on the list and obviously these are some of if not the fittest dudes in my age group in the WORLD. 

All that aside my training has been going incredible well and i have (he touches wood...) managed to remain in jury and fatigue free. I've had a great mix of S&C (strength and conditioning) sessions, Speedplay & Brick sessions (running off of the bike) and am feeling sharper by the day.

Having links with Dacorum & Tring AC has helped me to keep as run fit as possible and obviously being part of Lovelo Cinelli Race Team have helped tenfold with my bike fitness and race craft. I've not got in as many crits as I would have liked but sometimes its all work and no play. Last night the sun was beaming and a group of us from the team took a cracking social ride.

Due to a hectic work schedule and rather bizarrely a royal visit to the school I am unable to get out this evening so set off this morning at 0545 to join my brother on his commute from Flitwick to Heathrow (53 miles). I managed to squeeze in 44 miles before getting to work which is always a delight. MONSTER KUDOS to my brother who has only been cycling for 6 months and managed the round trip to and from work. Respect!

I met Simon at 0730 in Harpenden and it was a pleasant surprise to bump into our cousin and fellow caffeine addict Mark in Costa. Mark told me that him and his wife read my blog, to which i replied "at least someone is" so if you are reading this 'Hello Mark'.

 As someone who has as understanding of depression and how it can affect our wellbeing I have learned to capitalise on the positives and and hold tight to those when things get a little rough. this week is a great week and i feel on great form which may not last but the memories i will hold on to.  As a gadget lover there is nothing better than some new toys to help keep you on top of your game and further inspire you to want to get out on the bike and feel those 'marginal gains'. I am currently trialling my new saddle, a Specialised S-Works Power (Carbon) and have to say i'm loving it.


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