Tuesday, 3 May 2016

It's all about the gains......

No matter how big or small it's all about the marginal gains. As my route into triathlon and Duathlon came from running and only ever recreational I never knew of 'marginal gains' and the only gains I ever noticeably appreciated were the introduction of a new trainer as quite simply they were the onlly gains possible (outside of those though new training methods). 

As a so called veteran, MAMIL (middle aged man in Lycra), cruiser or whatever a more 'senior' bloke into cycling may be called we all know just quite how much kit, how many moderations there are within  cycling that really can make a difference. Any cyclist will tell you and as much as they would hate to admit it, it really is 'all about the bike'. 

I won't go into it in too much depth BUT I've always been intrigued by the concept of MARGINAL GAINS so successfully implemented into British sport by CLive Woodward (England rugby) & Dave brailsfood (team sky) after working on an event of an evening with Clive Woodward. 

The majority of the cyclists I know are either wealthy, intelligent, have a passion for technology or are slightly out there. Road cycling and even more so triathlon can be an incredibly expensive sport, even more so if you let it. Most cyclists love a new weight saving addition to their bike or quite simply the latest carbon aero gadget that will give that all important saving of 50 Grammes or simply shave a few seconds off here or there. 

Today was a good day all round for bike toys and gadgets. I have always ridden SPD (mtb) shoes and cleats as I really didn't see any real benefit to "roady cleats" as I used to refer to them, especially as you walk like a plonker in them and they wear out quickly. After using my road bike for my last triathlon obviously with my road pedals I found the minimal float much nicer to raid in and felt like the power transfer was a little better. More important it shuts up all the people that endlessly ask me and criticise me for riding mtb pedals. 

More geeky toys arrived in the form of my Evoc pro bike bag for transporting my race bike to Aviles for the world championships next month. The bag really does have it all and whilst a bike box ,at be a better idea the though of taking off my rear mech was traumatising me slightly. Obviously I haven't used the bag yet BUT in comparison to my entry level DHB bike bag this ones the nuts. 

Fingers crossed it'll get the bike there in one piece and make me look every part the pro I'm not. 


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