Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Race to train OR Train to race

A lot of people wonder why their training plateaus or they simply just 'dont get any quicker' and as i was saying to one of the other Dacorum & Tring road runners las night 'this is the only way to get faster'.

I have been a member of http://www.dacorumandtringac.org.uk/road-runners/ for a little over a year now and have noticed a vast improvement in my pace, stamina and all round approach to running. 

The only way to get fast is to train fast and its a fact that training in a group will not just help psychologically but physically too, we all know how much extra stamina or power macho pride can provide its the ancient alternative to EPO.

Yesterday was a good training day starting off at 0545 with a fasted run before work followed by the D&T session in the evening. Due to the beautiful weather myself and another D&T member rode to and from training. I think the word is BLISS!

The session was 2 sets of 4 x 90 seconds (at 5k pace) with 30 seconds jogging recovery in between each rep. Trust me its a lot tougher than it sounds. the only saving grace for my ageing body was it was on grass.


Sign up to your local running club today and 'train to race' or 'race to train'

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