Thursday, 21 April 2016

Paving the #roadtoaviles one brick at a time

Last night i started laying the 'bricks' down to pave the way to the World Championships in the form of a Bike / Run brick session.

What is a brick session I hear you ask? Brick sessions are the essential building blocks for a multi sport athlete where we replicate the transition from one element to the next such as bike-run or swim-bike or run-bike. Obviously the bike-run brick is way easier to replicate (unless you have your own swimming pool or access to one).

The countdown has begun

As the countdown has begun with only 43 days to go literally every session counts. Last night was a fast flattish bike loop with the @lovellocinellirt (Lovelo Cinellli Race Team) of approximately 25 miles then straight off the bike into a relatively easy paced run of 5.3 miles.

I would like to say a HUGE thankyou to two people Paul & John from tiropartners and SB Digital media for their generosity and therefore helping to make this dream come true. 

If you would like to follow my training activity on strava

last nights brick session

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