Sunday, 11 September 2016

To prepare to fail is to fail to prepare

To prepare to fail is to fail to prepare…

As a multi-sport athlete with a passion for a plethora of activities ranging from boxing to ultramarathons I have always been astonished at some people’s approach to event prep.

As any builder or tradesman might tell you the key to good workmanship is all in the preparation and the very same is applicable to pretty much everything you may face in life, school, college, interviews and obviously applies to ANY form of sporting activity or competitive sport.

To me and with that matter to anyone who has a true understanding of event preparation the prep itself can be, actually scratch that IS the most important element of competing and is the difference between make or break!

Many many people are able to put in days, weeks or month’s worth of training in key preparation for an event in order to get into the best shape of their lives but for some reason seem to neglect key elements. Below are a hand full of bullet points and none of which involve your current state of physical fitness or ability.

  • ·      Pre event diet
  • ·      Flexibility
  • ·      Travel requirements
  • ·      Race day logistics
  • ·      Race kit
  • ·      Race day supplements
  • ·      Post-race recovery
  • ·      Post-race nutrition

Having just returned from a tough and technical 22 mile race up and back down mount Snowdon I am more than aware that for 99% of us it is human nature (especially for men) to overestimate our level of fitness or ability. Most of us are able to physically ‘dig in’ and ‘grit our teeth’ to push through levels of tiredness or exhaustion but should our race day supplements or kit let us down then quite frankly its game over!

No amount of durability can counteract a ‘bonking’ cyclist, a freezing ultra-runner on the side of Snowdon or perhaps a cramping athlete of any other kind. The key thing to remember is that each and every one of these elements performs a vital role in an athlete’s success and is an essential cog in the wheel.


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