Monday, 6 June 2016

My first World Championships (felt like first day at BIG school)

So now the dust has settled I can begin to reflect and dissect my preparation and performance during yesterdays event the ITU Duathlon World Championships.

Whilst I knew I wasn't going to set the world alight and win the entire thing or my age group for that matter my intention was to remain positive and convince my self that 'impossible is nothing' during my run up.

Coming from a boxing background it is instilled in me to remain positive and confident in your own abilities no matter how big the opponent or hurdle you face. It's all about a Positive Mental Attitude and never losing your poker face.

In what was only my second EVER duathlon I faced a race against some seasoned athletes and those being the fastest guys IN THE WORLD too. During our Team GB pre race briefing we were given some pearls of wisdom from some of the teams most decorated athletes, one of which whom has won gold in his age group some 11 TIMES!

Treat this race like any other race "go out and run your race" and not get sucked into the whole magnitude of the event. 

"complete the first year and compete the next year"

Whilst I wasn't happy with my overall achievement here I have to accept that it is a very new experience but as i promised i would give it 100% and 'leave everything on the course'. The 40-44 age group is an incredibly tough age category and one with a large number of athletes jostling for podiums.

I hold my head high as after looking at the stats this morning I went onto the bike in 179th place overall and came off in 135th. It was a hard hard tough ride and race altogether.

race splits and stats
I have so many people to thank for getting me here supporting, inspiring me and encouraging me in one way or another and hopefully I have made those of you proud in one way or another. I will come back faster, fitter, stronger and ultimately wiser.

Thanks for being a part of this once in a lifetime journey. For now i'm focussing on the positives which sees me 20TH FASTEST 40-44 YEAR OLD SPRINT DUATHLETE IN THE WORLD!

post race patriotism

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