Sunday, 1 May 2016

Training is important BUT family is more importanterer

I like to think I take my training as seriously if not more so than the next man BUT there is a time and a place for training and a time and place for family, friends and those who see greatness in you.

Yesterday I went "Back to the Roots" and met up with John Sammon & Paul Conaghan some fellow ex Cardinal Newman school boys who have been kind an generous enough to support me in my #roadtoaviles journey to the world championships in a little under five weeks time. 

Whilst I was at a seriously low ebb after doing the sums and realising I realistically couldn't afford the preparation, the trip, the kit and the event costs John & Paul stepped in to assist me. 

We met up yesterday with the kids to have a spot of lunch catch up and take some photos for us to keep and for me to use as part of the blog and promotional trail I'm Rather poorly trying to do. I had framed a couple of customised event tshirts for them as a way of thanks and of course a pocket sized selfie, as who wouldn't want one of those right?

I'm slightly biased I have to say BUT on my return home from meeting the boys I fealt positively inspired and uplifted and thought what a great story it was and took it upon myself to email the school to relay the story to them and also immediately started the ball rolling on organisation of a 25 year "class of 1991" Reunion.

John, Paul & Mathew (what a biblical sounding bunch) have most certainly not been close since leaving school in 1991 (although John & Paul are) bu i think it makes for a great story of how the Cardinal Newman school network is strong. 

I cant put into words (although I'm trying) how grateful i am for the support of Tiro Partners and SB Digital Media and the only way i can see a fitting thanks is if I simply give it my best shot at the championships and do them proud. 

I think the kids (even my own daughter) were a little creeped out by the weird man in Lycra and at one stage Lily simply covered her face with the flag but the photos in front of the old school gates make for a memorable back drop.  Rather ironically its our first time back in 25 years and we had to ask to be let in. 

I was occasionally asked to leave!

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