Sunday, 24 April 2016

Cold, rain and a session with a running guru!

For one reason or another this week has been a good few days of training. As we all know every week of training brings its very own hurdles, be that family, friends, work, weather or just plain old fatigue that can get in the way and disrupt even the best laid plans.

We are all busy and unique individuals and we must remain positive and take every week as it comes, for me though this week/end was one of the better ones.

My family day / rest day which ended in a 1250 metre easy swim as Flitwick leisure centre with the brother in law at the cracking new facilities there. The easy swim with zero impact is just perfect in my opinion for a rest day to ease into those tired muscles

A totally different ballgame altogether, I left the house in the pouring rain for what was intending to be an easy two hour ride (35-40 miles) BUT sadly it didnt end that way. The rain never relented for the duration of the ride and i ended up puncturing three miles from home and almost catching neaumonia whilst changing said puncture.

Whilst out on the route i talked myself out of it being a brick session but then talked myslef back into it on the grounds of 'not being a pussy' and convincing myself that champions never wimped out of a bit of water. After all? Whos ever felt HOT or DEHYDRATED whilst riding in the rain? Sadly the puncture and spending 10 minutes standing still in the rain ruined me and as a result I couldnt finish the brick session.
An all round bonza week of training
before / during & after 2 hours of solid rain
For a while i have struggled with my running, what should i do? How far should i run? How hard should I run? Should i warm down? WELL on Saturday I met up with all round running guru Richard Powell, the face of Luton running and all round gentleman. What Richard doesnt know about running isnt worth knowing.  

We took in a fairly steady (by richards pace) 6 mile out and back route from Barnfield College to Streatly and back and talked through a few techniques for how i should prep and sharpen up. I really cant thank him for his time and words.

Richard Powell - The guru of running
Whilst this mornings ride may have been slow by my normal standard, started at a ridiculous hour and be chuffing freezing it really did have it all in other areas. A blissful ride around the north chilterns starting and ending in Berkhamsted with a bundle of stunning hills. Most importantly I got to spend some rare QT with my brother Simon. Priceless to say the least ! 

Little coffee en route this morning

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